Student Services

Campus Safety and Security
Northwest Louisiana Technical College is committed to having a safe and secure campus. Policies have been adopted at each of the Northwest LTC campuses to promote a safe and secure learning environment. Northwest LTC campuses rely on local law enforcement agencies in cases of emergency. In the event of an emergency, a faculty or staff member will immediately notify campus administration or security. In the event that students, faculty, or staff members witness or discover a criminal/illegal activity, they should first notify the administration, who will then contact local law enforcement authorities. A report will be written and maintained on file. Records shall also be maintained of any illegal acts which occur during any off-campus school-sponsored activities. Click on the 2018 Campus Safety and Annual Security Report for more details.

Northwest LTC campuses are drug-free workplaces and offer drug and alcohol counseling information to students and staff. The College maintains a Safety Manual and an Emergency Preparedness Plan. Each employee and student at Northwest LTC receives a written copy of the college Safety Rules which are also posted at each campus location. These rules are enforced by the instructor and, if necessary, the Campus Dean. In addition to general safety rules, each department or shop has rules pertaining to that area which are frequently discussed in classes and in safety meetings. The College also engages in monthly reviews to promote safety and utilizes a Safety/Housekeeping Inspection Checklist.

Career Services

Job placement is exceedingly important to Northwest Louisiana Technical College. The Student Services professionals and the College faculty provide career assessment, counseling, and planning along with career and job resources. We also assist employers in finding and recruiting Northwest LTC students and graduates for employment opportunities. Northwest LTC sees career services as a part of the total educational experience and the faculty and staff will support this experience by providing services and information from the pre-enrollment phase all the way through the educational process and beyond graduation.

All occupational program curricula include units of study in employability skills. Students are instructed in job-seeking and job-keeping skills. Students study career planning, job application forms, interview techniques, and resume preparation to enhance their future job search. Study of proper work habits, employee/employer relationships, and personal character traits show students how to keep a job. Career Fairs are also offered on each campus each year.

The campuses of Northwest LTC provide counseling services that promote the overall educational programs and help students strengthen communication skills, establish goals, and adjust to their academic and social environment. The College welcomes all students to utilize our counseling services and take advantage of the resources that are available. Services include:

  • Individual/Personal Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Emergency-Crisis Intervention

Disability Services
Northwest Louisiana Technical College takes seriously its responsibility to accommodate students with documented disabilities. Student Services professionals at each campus location take pride in the high quality of service provided to help students with disabilities find success at Northwest. Northwest LTC provides a variety of support services in compliance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, the Americans Disabilities Act. Services are available to any student with a documented learning, physical or psychological disability. For more information on disability services, visit the Student Services Office at your respective campus or see the Student Handbook for Disability Services .

Grievance Procedures
Northwest Louisiana Technical College has established guidelines and standards for student grievances. A grievance is a complaint about the conditions or policies within the College or a complaint about the actions of employees, students, or instructors within the College that affect the environment for the aggrieved student. Northwest LTC seeks to solve grievances as close to the source of the concern as possible.

In brief, Northwest LTC adheres to grievance procedures utilizing an informal and/or a formal process. If the complaint is against a student, discuss the problem with the student’s instructor or department head in which the student is enrolled. If the complaint is about an instructor or another college employee, discuss the problem with the instructor or employee first, then the Director of Student Services, then the Assistant Campus Dean, and lastly the Campus Dean. If a satisfactory solution is not reached using informal procedures, the grievance may file a formal grievance for resolving the matter. For detailed information on student grievances of all types, please refer to the College’s Catalog and Student Handbook.

In cases where sexual harassment is the basis for the complaint, the NWLTC sexual harassment policy and grievance procedure will be utilized. Informal and formal grievance procedures are outlined for students and parents. All grievances should be presented within ten days from the date the grievant became aware of the cause of such grievance. The grievance should try to resolve the problem first by discussing the problem with the individual who is the cause of the complaint, if possible. If the complaint is against a student, discuss the problem with the student’s instructor or department head in which the student is enrolled. If the complaint is about an instructor or other college employee, discuss the problem with the instructor or employee first, then the Director of Student Services, then the Assistant Campus Dean, and lastly the Campus Dean. If it is inappropriate to present the complaint directly to that individual, then the grievant should discuss the complaint with the appropriate individual. If a formal complaint is required, the student should use the College’s Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form.

NWLTC Web Site Accessibility

The NWLTC web site pages are checked using W3C validation. W3C follows the Web Content Guidelines as noted in the Americans with Disabilities Act. We strive to make the NWLTC website experience as accessible as possible to all individuals. However, due to the large variety and amount of content on our site, and ever changing world of technology, there may be portions that are not accessibility compliant. If you find any aspect of our website for which this is the case, please contact our webmaster and we will strive to correct the issue wherever possible.

To learn more about how to access ADA services, see the Disability Services section of the Compliance Information page.  Students are encouraged to visit the Student Services office on each campus or call 318-371-3035.


Parking for all Northwest LTC students is restricted to the designated areas for students. Students will be informed of these areas during freshman orientation. There are designated areas for faculty, staff, visitors and accessible parking on each campus. Students are not allowed to park in the faculty, staff, or visitors parking areas.

Student ID/Key Card
All students, faculty, and staff are required to have an ID card visible while on campus. The cost of the initial ID and any replacement card is $5.00. This fee is paid during the registration/orientation process to the Accounting Office of the College. ID pictures are taken during registration. A tuition receipt, ID receipt, and some other form of picture ID are required in order to take college ID pictures.

At some campuses,key cards are also issued during registration. They are for student use only. Students must report a lost or stolen key card immediately to the admissions office. Replacement cost is $5.00. Student key cards are only activated for the buildings a student will attend classes in. When a student graduates or resigns from the College, the key card must be turned in.


Northwest Louisiana Technical College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering for all transcripts as of February 23, 2018. Transcripts can be ordered by using a credit or debit card only. Your card will only be charged after your order has been completed and processed. Additional information about transcript ordering is below:

  1. The cost is $10 per transcript. You can request multiple transcripts in an order, but you will be charged $10 for each transcript.
  2. Students who attended NWLTC prior to fall 2003 are not eligible to receive electronic transcripts.
    These transcripts will be mailed or picked up at the Minden Campus. The transcript fee is still applicable.
    *** Note: In special circumstances, student service personnel may request printed transcripts be mailed to the Mansfield or Shreveport Campuses for pick up. This may take an additional 3-5 business days.
  3. Requests are processed immediately by the NSC as long as there is not a problem with a student’s account. Problem requests will be researched and processed within 3-5 business days.

If you do not have a credit or debit card, you must fill out a Transcript Request form. You will need to mail the form with the appropriate fees to the Minden Campus or take it to the Minden Campus for processing.


The Minden Campus address is:
Northwest Louisiana Technical College
Student Services
9500 Industrial Drive
Minden, LA 71055

Uniform Service Mobilization Policy

ATTN: The following policy is a reminder to our students serving in the U.S. Armed Services and in the Louisiana National Guard that NWLTC is a Military and Veteran Friendly college. In the event that you are called to serve those in need, NWLTC has your interests in mind. Download Policy Here