Business Office Technology

Business Office Technology

What is the Business Office Technology program?

The purpose of this program is to prepare individuals to perform tasks related to the management of marketable skills and career advancement in various areas of business, industry, and health offices. Students will receive training in office technology, software and hardware skills, customer service, and strong work-place skills required for success in the workplace.



Program Objectives:

  • Demonstrate competence in a core set of skills including customer service, keyboarding and formatting, computer literacy, English, and records management.
  • Perform basic business mathematical functions.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of all course work terminology.
  • Compose and produce appropriate business documents and written communications.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of word processing, and spreadsheet computer applications.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of medical terminology and procedures.
  • Apply appropriate office procedures. Operate necessary office equipment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and apply basic accounting principles.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and apply specific accounting principles as appropriate.
  • To acquire software skills and strong work ethics for success in the workplace.