Register for Classes

Set your goals, and let your advisor help you reach them. Academic advisors give you the information you need to choose a major, set a degree plan, and schedule the classes you need to get to graduation.

Current Students

Seeing your advisor before you register is a great way to make sure you’re on track with your degree plan. And if you receive federal funds, a visit to your advisor is required before registration.

Find Your Advisor

Students are assigned to a faculty advisor who’s well versed in your program’s requirements. To find your advisor, speak to an instructor in your major program area.

When to see an Advisor

Advising isn’t required unless you’re receiving federal funds, but it’s to your advantage to see your advisor anytime you register so that you can be sure you’re on target to meet your goals.

Make the Most of Advising

Come to your advising appointment after checking out your major and its requirements. Know the locations and hours you prefer for classes, and be honest with your advisor so that you get the best assistance.

lola logo

LOLA (Log On Louisiana) is the online tool used by Northwest LTCC students will to monitor their financial aid application, register for classes, review their class schedule, review their account, and access their grade reports and unofficial academic transcript. Important campus dates and announcements are also accessible through LOLA.

New students can register for classes at NLTCC in just four easy steps:

New students register

  1. Search for your courses in LOLA and make note of the five-digit class numbers for the courses you want to take. This number will be required to complete registration.
  2. Find out when you can register; registration dates are included on the Academic Calendar.
  3. Ensure that you meet course prerequisites; your advisor can help you with this if you are unsure. Prerequisites are typically met through ACCUPLACER Placement Testing or through successful course completion.
  4. Register for classes! At Northwest LTCC, you can register online through LOLA or you can register in-person at anyone of our three campuses.