Placement Testing

College Placement Testing

  • Valid Identification (Driver’s License or Picture ID)
  • Copy of High School or GED Diploma
  • $45 Testing Fee for first time testers
  • Consult the campus of your choice for the ACCUPLACER testing schedule
  • The ACCUPLACER placement test is required to determine course placement; unless the applicant has valid COMPASS, ACT OR SAT scores available.  Placement testing may be waived for all programs except Practical Nursing, Patient Care Technician, and Associate Degree programs if a high school or equivalency transcript is provided showing successful completion of the high school curriculum.
  • Placement scores for program entrance are set at levels that are appropriate for program content to ensure that successful program completion is likely.

Students whose placement scores do not meet the minimum levels required by the training program into which they wish to enroll are scheduled into Adult Education classes to upgrade basic skills. Health Occupations students must attain the minimum required levels prior to entry into the occupational training program. Upon attainment of the minimum level scores, and at the beginning of the next class, those students may seek admission to their chosen program.

Please visit the Student Services Office for more information about testing.

For more information about placement testing, please visit the Placement Tests page.