Culinary Arts and Occupations

Culinary Arts and Occupations

What is the Culinary Arts and Occupations program?

This program prepares students to work in service, production, fast foods, and baking areas of the food service industry. Program content includes American Culinary Federation information and guidelines for approved Chef training and accreditation.




Program Objectives:

  • Use the various types of service to enhance the optimum dining pleasure of the customer.
  • Prepare beverages to ensure a quality and correctly portioned product.  
  • Demonstrate an understanding of guest service and customer relations, including handling of difficult situations and accommodations for the disabled.
  • Identify local, state and federal laws pertaining to the purchase and service of alcoholic beverages.  
  • Use established safety practices and preventive measures to maintain a safe food service facility.
  • Follow appropriate fire safety procedures and preventive measures.
  • Prevent food-borne illnesses by utilizing appropriate sanitation procedures.
  • Prepare yeast dough products, quick breads, cakes and icings, cookies, pies, and unused portions using appropriate preparation, holding, and serving procedures to maintain quality.
  • Use appropriate tools and utensils for food preparation tasks, following established guidelines for selection, safety, maintenance, and storage. 
  • Use appropriate equipment for food production tasks by following established guidelines for selection, safety, and correct cleaning procedures.