Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator

Operator program

What is the Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator program?

The purpose of the Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator (HEVO) program is to prepare individuals for employment as professional heavy equipment operators and tractor-trailer drivers. The HEVO program is a short-term training course designed to prepare students to enter the heavy construction industry. Program content includes instruction in general construction site safety, operation of diesel powered heavy equipment and tractor trailer rigs, identification of common equipment/vehicle components, defensive driving skills, actual driving on rural, urban and interstate highways, cargo handling, tractor trailer backing and maneuvering, documentation and verification of loads and grades and equipment/vehicle inspections and logging.


Program Objectives:

  • Demonstrate work safety when dealing with all professional heavy equipment and tractor-trailer rigs.
  • Demonstrate general construction site safety.
  • Demonstrate ability to operate diesel powered heavy equipment and tractor trailer rigs.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify common equipment/vehicle components.
  • Demonstrate defensive driving skills on rural, urban and interstate highways.
  • Demonstrate ability to handle cargo.
  • Demonstrate ability to back and maneuver tractor trailer rigs.
  • Demonstrate ability to document and verify loads and grades.
  • Demonstrate ability to inspect vehicles/equipment. Demonstrate ability to log hours according to laws and regulations. 
Degrees/ Certificates
  • Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS)
Program Admission Requirements
  • Admissions Application (submitted online)
  • Official transcripts from accredited high school or HISET/GED and colleges/universities, if applicable
  • Proof of immunization or signed waiver
  • Proof of Selective Service if required
  • Driver's License or photo ID
  • If applicable, ACCUPLACER test prior to enrollment or ACT scores accepted 
  • Admission to various programs may require additional documentation and/or requirements
Financial Aid Opportunities for Qualified Students
  • FAFSA to apply for financial aid
  • WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act)
  • VA (Veteran’s Assistance)
  • TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students)