Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator

Operator program

What is the Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator program?

The Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator (HEVO) program is a short-term program designed to prepare individuals for employment as professional heavy equipment operators and
tractor-trailer drivers.  Program content includes instruction in general construction site safety, operation of diesel-powered heavy equipment and tractor trailer rigs, identification of common equipment/vehicle components, defensive driving skills, actual driving on rural, urban and interstate highways, cargo handling, tractor trailer backing and maneuvering, and equipment/vehicle inspections and logging.  Students are eligible to test for a CDL license upon successful completion of the program.



Program Objectives:

  • Demonstrate work safety when dealing with all professional heavy equipment and tractor-trailer rigs.
  • Demonstrate general construction site safety.
  • Demonstrate ability to operate diesel powered heavy equipment and tractor trailer rigs.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify common equipment/vehicle components.
  • Demonstrate defensive driving skills on rural, urban and interstate highways.
  • Demonstrate ability to handle cargo.
  • Demonstrate ability to back and maneuver tractor trailer rigs.
  • Demonstrate ability to document and verify loads and grades.
  • Demonstrate ability to inspect vehicles/equipment. Demonstrate ability to log hours according to laws and regulations.