Industrial Instrumentation and Electrical Technician

Instrumentation Technology program

What is the Industrial Instrumentation and Electrical Technician program?

This program trains students to become competent, qualified instrument technicians who can meet the ever-changing demands of modern industry. It also provides training in electrical skills that are necessary when working in this industry.  This program is offered to provide training leading to employment for area residents as a result of business/industrial demand.



ATMAE Student Data


Program Objectives:

  • Demonstrate safety knowledge and practices in the shop.
  • Demonstrate ability to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair various types of measuring and control instruments and peripherals such as measuring, transmitting, indicating, recording, and controlling devices, final elements, PLC, DCS, optical instruments, and control areas of electronics, motor controls, and different types of measuring systems.   
  • Demonstrate Industrial Electrical skills needed in the field.