NLTCC Practical Nursing Programs

Fall 2020 Enrollment

Practical Nursing Admissions Guide for NLTCC Minden or NLTCC Mansfield programs


Pre-Nursing students are those who have not yet successfully completed the following courses: LEAD 1003 Work Readiness, CPTR 1002 Computer Literacy & Applications, HNUR 1211 Nursing Fundamentals I, HNUR 1212 Geriatric Clinical I, HNUR 1000 PN Applications, HNUR 1100 Anatomy and Physiology for PN’s, and HNUR 1322 Nutritional Aspects.
There is no waiting list and no special admission processes to enroll in LEAD 1003 Work Readiness or CPTR 1002 Computer Literacy & Applications. Students may enroll in these adhering to the typical NLTCC enrollment process.
Nursing Fundamentals I and Geriatric Clinical I also have no waiting list, however, there is a checklist that must be completed prior to enrolling in these courses. The requirements are below:
Items required:
  • Physical Exam
  • Immunization Record
    • MMR x2
    • Tetanus less than 10 years old
    • Varicella (immunization or Varicella Titer)
    • Hepatitis B series or signed declination
    • Current flu vaccination
  • TB skin test (or documentation of follow-up by health unit/healthcare provider)
  • $38.95 for background check for school copy (paid online via debit/credit card by student) A link with instructions will be emailed once all other paperwork received.
  • $5 for CPR card
  • Minimum Accuplacer or alternative testing scores
  • High School Diploma


*Once all Pre-Nursing requirements are met, students may apply for admission into the Practical Nursing Program at the Minden or Mansfield Campus using the Pre-Admission Practical Nursing Application Packet Checklist.
Please be advised that if you are currently on probation, for any violation of the law, you will not be perm. itted to enter the program. A background check will be conducted.  If you have any arrest history, please see the campus program director for eligibility.


A Transfer Student is any student who has completed all or part of ANY nursing program other than the NLTCC Campus in which they are seeking admission. While NLTCC is one college, the Practical Nursing Programs are accredited through the Board of Nursing as 3 separate free standing programs. Below is the timeline and procedure for application to transfer. This is a competitive process. Students seeking to “Transfer” into an NLTCC program must have previously completed all “Pre-Nursing” courses noted in the “Pre-Nursing” section above with minimum scores.


A Re-Entry student is a student who previously enrolled in the same NLTCC Campus Practical Nursing Program but did not complete. Students seeking re-entry must go through the same application steps as transfer students. This is a competitive process. The timing of the re-entry may affect the steps required to re-enroll. If selected for re-entry, the Program Director will confirm all the requirements needed.


Transfer & Re-Entry Steps


Step 1 (must be completed by close of business July 1st)

For consideration for Fall 2020 PN Nursing Class:
  • NLTCC College Application designating
  • Minden or Mansfield Campus PN Program
  • If an application was completed in the last 12 months or students was enrolled in the Spring or Summer 2020 semesters, a new NLTCC college application is not required.
  • Transfer_Re-Entry Application
  • Submit Transcripts from ALL previous institutions attended (Students seeking to transfer from one NLTCC Campus to another, may request transcripts be send from the originating campus. However, if selected to move forward in Step 2, students may be required to submit official transcripts.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from current program Director of Nursing
*Students selected to move forward in the admissions process, will be notified on or before July 9th.


Step 2 (must be completed by 12noon July 16)

Once notified, students must complete and submit the remainder of the 2020 Pre-Admission Practical Nursing Applicant Packet Checklist by the deadline July 16 at 12 noon. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the Fall 2020 semester.
*Students will be notified on or before July 23rd if they have been selected to be submitted to the Nursing Board for admission in the Fall 2020 class.


Please Note:

  • Students will not be considered for admissions with any active “I” (Incomplete) or “IP” (In-Progress) grades.   
  • Students transferring after a grade of “F” will compete for a very limited number of spaces along with re-enrolling students. This is limited to 10% of the class. In a class with only 20 students, there can be only 2 students re-enrolling or transferring. In the case of Fall 2020, those possible 2 seats would be included in the total of 8 estimated to be available at this time.  
  • Students who are seeking to transfer after two failures “F” will not be permitted to enroll for a period of two (2) years. They will be required to re-apply as a new entering student and restart the program with no advance standing.
  • Any failure “F” grade in a course within a given nursing program level requires repeating every course within that level.
NLTCC Nursing Programs are currently undergoing a curriculum alignment process.  Due to this, the nursing course schedule for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 has not been finalized for any campus.  We expect the fall schedule will be completed and open by June 29.



  • July 1: Due date for NLTCC College Application, Transfer_Re-Entry Application, HS & College Transcripts, Letter of Recommendation (for transfer & Re-Entry students)

  • July 9: Notification of Acceptance

  • July 13-16: Full Pre-Practical Nursing documents due


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