A Message from Dr. Earl Meador, Chancellor of Northwest Louisiana Technical & Community College:

NLTCC condemns racism, discrimination, and any act of violence towards anyone based on the color of their skin, religion, or sexual preference.  I strongly acknowledge the injustices and hardships faced by African Americans in this country.  In challenging times like these, we must draw on the strength of our humanity, recognizing that all walks of life make up the fabric of America, and it is only with respect, understanding, empathy, and kindness can this be done.

As an institution of higher education, NLTCC has a pivotal role to play in this critical conversation.  I am committed to fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture at NLTCC.  We will be creating a diversity committee to ensure that NLTCC continues to be an inclusive environment.

In closing, as an institution that serves a diverse population, we must be true to our mission of educating and supporting underserved communities.


With Respect,

Earl W. Meador, JD


NLTCC and The Walmart Community Grant Partnership

Building a Better Northwest!

Savannah Petty, NLTCC Wal-Mart Grant Recipient

NLTCC is honored to partner with agencies in our local communities to futther education goals.  NLTCC was awarded The Walmart Community Grant to provide laptops for our VA students.  Special thanks to The Wal-mart Community Grants Team and Wal-Mart Facility #448.  As a result of this grant, our VA students are better equipped to participate in digital on-line learning initiatives.